LSS-P - Specifications

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 Minimum operating voltage    
 Recommended operating voltage30V30V30VAn 8S (29.6V nominal) LiPo is ideal for mobile applications
 Maximum operating voltage    
 Standby Current (30V)    
 Power ConnectorXT60 x2XT60 x 2XT60 x2Only use ONE connector as Vin
 Nominal Torque (Full step, 30V)

14Nm (7.5rpm)

6Nm (15rpm)

60Nm (7.5rpm)

32Nm (15rpm)

130Nm (3.75rpm)

60Nm (7.5rpm)

 Max static torque (30V)   Servo can support this torque (holding), but cannot move. See dynamic torque below.
 Nominal RPM (Full step, 30V)15 RPM15 RPM15 RPM 
 Nominal RPM (1/2 step, 30V)7.5 RPM7.5 RPM7.5 RPMRefer to performance graph to estimate maximum RPM based on torque.
 Maximum no load accuracy at 30V0.01°0.01°0.01°1/2 Step size of 0.9° / 100 gear ratio
 Operating temperature range   Based on internal temperature sensor
 Environmental temperature range10°C - 30°C10°C - 30°C10°C - 30°CIntended to be operated at normal room temperatures
 USB Communication TypeTTL Full Duplex Async Serial (5V)TTL Full Duplex Async Serial (5V)TTL Full Duplex Async Serial (5V)TTL Full Duplex Async Serial 
 Serial Baudrate range    
 Suggested Baudrate    
 Serial ProtocolLSS PRO ProtocolLSS PRO ProtocolLSS PRO ProtocolCustom communication protocol.
 CAN Connector Type (both sides)RJ45RJ45RJ45Note: Do NOT plug the servos into other RJ45 devices like Ethernet ports etc.
 CAN Pinout    
 Operating angleUp to 360° & Multi-turnUp to 360° & Multi-turnUp to 360° & Multi-turnMulti-turn uses virtual positioning
 Magnetic Encoder16 Bit Absolute16 Bit Absolute16 Bit Absolute 
 IMU3 axis gyroscope
3 axis accelerometer
3 axis gyroscope
3 axis accelerometer
3 axis gyroscope
3 axis accelerometer
±4g and ±500dps for linear / gyro acceleration
 Weight1.1 Kg1.52 Kg4.5 KgDoes not include horns or mounting hardware
 Size / Dimensions    
 Gear Ratio1 : 11001 : 1001 : 100 
 Gear Backlash0.0028°0.0028°0.0028° 
 Case Material

Machined aluminum

Machined aluminumMachined aluminum 
 Gear MaterialSteelSteelSteel 
 Output connection    
 Motor TypeNEMA 14NEMA 17NEMA 34 
 Hardware (Gear Output)    
 Maximum mechanical power output    
 Performance Graph   Coming soon.

Values provided are based on test results. Actual values may vary slightly.

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