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1 |(% colspan="3" style="width:150px" %)**A4WD3 Rover**
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3 Lynxmotion's A4WD3 Rover is a more professional and rugged version of Lynxmotion’s popular A4WD1.
5 * Mobile development platform for RC / autonomous robotic applications
6 * Rugged, machined aluminum frame incorporates seals for water & dust resistance
7 * Includes four planetary gear motors with integrated magnetic encoders
8 * Three configurations: off road wheels; Mecanum drive; tracks
9 * Three variations: no electronics; RC; Microcontroller
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12 **A4WD3 Frame Only**
14 The machined aluminum frame integrates rotary seals around each motor shaft, and solid rubber cord between the frame and all panel openings, making it dust and water resistant. A large marine inspection hatch on the top panel provides easy access to internal parts as well as being able to quickly swap or recharge batteries. Aside from the internal electronics mounting plate, the platform is symmetric and can be inverted.
16 * [[doc:.a4wd3-frame-only.WebHome]]
17 * [[doc:.a4wd3-frame-only.a4wd3-frame-only-quickstart.WebHome]]
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20 **A4WD3 Mecanum**
22 The A4WD3 - Mecanum version includes a set of four preassembled 152mm diameter Mecanum wheels (two left and two right) which offer unparalleled motion on flat surfaces.
24 * [[doc:.a4wd3-mecanum.WebHome]]
25 * [[doc:.a4wd3-mecanum.a4wd3-mecanum-quickstart.WebHome]]
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28 **A4WD3 Tracked**
30 The tracked A4WD3 includes four sets of sprockets and a pair of reinforced continuous rubber tracks. Tracks offer incredible traction and weight distribution on a variety of surfaces and 65mm of ground clearance which allows it to be used effectively over brush, forest floor, paved and unpaved roads, on sand, snow and mud, as well as in urban environments and more.
32 * [[doc:.a4wd3-tracked.WebHome]]
33 * [[doc:.a4wd3-tracked.a4wd3-tracked-quickstart.WebHome]]
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36 **A4WD3 Wheeled**
38 The all wheel drive version of the A4WD3 includes bead lock off road wheels offer great traction on a variety of surfaces and are foam filled and offer 40mm of ground clearance, allowing it to be used effectively over brush, forest floor, paved and unpaved roads, in urban environments and more.
40 * [[doc:.a4wd3-wheeled.WebHome]]
41 * [[doc:.a4wd3-wheeled.a4wd3-wheeled-quickstart.WebHome]]
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