01 - Frame

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Frame - Assembly A
Step 1/9
1x A4WD3-SP
Side Plate
2x A4WD3-OS-16x8
16 x 8mm Oil Seal
Comments:Ensure the flat side of the oil seal is facing the exterior of the frame.

Frame - Assembly B
Step 2/9
Assembly A
2x 36GP 540-51-EN
12V Gear Motor
8x SHS-17
Socket M3 x 10mm

Frame - Assembly C
Step 3/9
1x A4WD3-FP
Front Plate
2x A4WD3-FA-S
Small Access
1x A4WD3-FA-L
Large Access
O-Ring Material
14x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 5mm
Comments:Insert the O-Ring material in the cavity and cut the excess.

Clear Access Windows
2x A4WD3-FA-S-C
Small Access
2x A4WD3-FA-S-Clear
Clear Access
8x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 10mm

A4WD3-LED Lighting Board
1x A4WD3-LED
LED Board
4x AHS-22-BA
10mm M3 Standoff
4x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 5mm
Comments:Install the optional A4WD3-LED in any of the four locations on the robot (2 front & 2 rear). Ensure that the wiring and mode are set prior to complete the assembly.

Frame - Assembly D
Step 4/9
2x Assembly B
2x Assembly C
16x SHS-17
Socket M3 x 10mm

Frame - Assembly E
Step 5/9
Assembly D
1x A4WD3-BP
Bottom Plate
10x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 5mm
O-Ring Material

Frame - Assembly F
Step 6/9
Assembly E
6x SHS-17
Socket M3 x 10mm

Frame - Assembly G
Step 7/9
Assembly F
6x AHS-22-BA
10mm M3 Standoff
6x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 5mm
Electronic Plate

Frame - Assembly H
Step 8/9
1x A4WD3-H-6IN
6in Hatch
1x A4WD3-TP
Top Plate
6x A4WD3-H-G-6IN
6in Hatch Gasket
6x FHS-02
Flat M5x16mm
6x SLN-05
M5 Lock Nut

At this stage you should have added your own electronics (motor / controller / etc.) and the next step shows how to close the frame.

Frame - Assembly I
Step 9/9
Assembly G
Assembly H
O-Ring Material
16x SHS-16
Socket M3 x 5mm

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