03 - Wiring

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Microcontroller / Independent
Two dual channel Sabertooth motor controllers are needed because each motor is connected to its own channel and can be controlled independently. Normally the encoders are connected to the microcontroller to measure angular speed and estimate distance traveled. Connections between microcontroller and the Sabertooth controller and encoders depend on the microcontroller chosen.

CAUTION: Before powering the motors, ensure they rotate in the same direction on each side. If the wiring between the motors and the Sabertooth was done correctly, the motors on each side of the robot should rotate in the same direction.

If the front and rear motors rotate in opposite directions however, the track which connects them will cause them to stall and burn very quickly! If you are at all uncertain, it is safest to remove the sprockets and test the motors. If they rotate in opposite directions, the wiring to the Sabertooth needs to be corrected.

Sabertooth 2 x 12A

SQUARE-Red.pngPositive Input (6-24V / 30V Absolute Max)
SQUARE-Black.pngNegative Input / GND
SQUARE-Yellow.pngM1A / M2A Outputs
SQUARE-White.pngM1B / M2B Outputs
SQUARE-Red-Soft.pngPositive Output 5V (Max 1A)
SQUARE-Gray.pngNegative Output / GND
SQUARE-Green.pngSignal 1 Input (S1)
SQUARE-Blue.pngSignal 2 Input (S2)

Details regarding the DIP switches can be found on the next page.

Complete information available HERE

Gear Motor (36GP 540-51-EN)

SQUARE-Red.pngMotor Positive
SQUARE-Black.pngMotor Negative
SQUARE-Yellow.pngEncoder Negative / GND
SQUARE-White.pngEncoder Positive (5V)
SQUARE-Red-Soft.pngEncoder Output 1 (Hall Effect)
SQUARE-Gray.pngEncoder Output 2 (Hall Effect)
RC Receiver (RadioLink R8EF)

SQUARE-Red.pngPositive Input & Distribution (5-6V)
SQUARE-Black.pngNegative Input / GND & Distribution
SQUARE-Yellow.pngChannel #1 (SBUS Optional)
SQUARE-White.pngChannel #2 (PPM Optional)
SQUARE-Red-Soft.pngChannel #3
SQUARE-Gray.pngChannel #4
SQUARE-Green.pngChannel #5

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