Heavy Duty Metal Arm Base Assembly

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Heavy Duty Metal Arm Base Assembly

Updated 08/24/2011

Safety first! Wear eye protection and never touch a powered robot!

Image of completed base.


Step 1.
Attach a ball bearing to the base plate as shown. The screw should be flush with the base plate.

Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-2.


Step 2.
Construct a heavy-duty "C" bracket using two aluminum standoffs and the two metal plates as shown. Use four 4-40 x .375" Machine Screws. The screws should be flush with the plates when you are done.

4 x  

Figure 2.


Step 3.
Stack the servo bracket on top of the base plate and attach them to a piece of wood using #4 tapping screws. Don't tighten these down all the way yet. Alternately, you can use four 4-40 x .375" screws and nuts if you are not attaching the base to a piece of wood.

4 x  

Figure 3.


Step 4.
Remove the HS-645MG's servo horn and replace it with the metal one. Be sure to put the new horn in the same orentation as the old one!

Figure 4.


Step 5.
Slide the HS-645MG servo into the bracket and secure it with four 3mm x 6mm screws and washers. Note that the bracket is tapped, and you do not need to use nuts.

4 x 4 x

Figure 5.


Step 6.
Slide the "C" assembly into position over the ball bearing and servo horn. If you are constructing an arm kit, attach your ASB-201 (for A and B arms) or ASB-204 (for D arms) to the "C" bracket using four 2-56 x .25" screws. Otherwise, just attach the "C" bracket to the servo horn. Note, the bracket is included in the arm kit, not the base kit.

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Figure 6.


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