900mm 5DoF Robotic Arm

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  • Modular, customizable & reconfigurable semi-professional arm
  • Easy to use with human readable communication protocol
  • High accuracy and competitive payload capacity
  • 900mm horizontal extension
  • 3Kg payload and ±0.1 mm accuracy
  • Gripper sold separately

The Lynxmotion SES-PRO 900mm 5Dof Modular Robotic Arm offers a payload of 3Kg at full extension with an accuracy of ±0.1 mm. Unlike purpose-built arms, this is designed to be modular and reconfigurable to suit the user’s application. Additional degrees of freedom can be added, and existing degrees of freedom can be reconfigured or removed. The design ensures there are no evident pinch points.

Incorporates five Lynxmotion Professional Smart Servo actuators

  • Strain wave gearing
  • NEMA Stepper motors
  • Onboard electronics
    • Microcontroller
    • Motor controller
    • Voltage regulation
    • IMU (accel & gyro)
    • CAN communication
    • Absolute angular feedback
    • Human readable communication protocol
    • … more



  • Degrees of Freedom (DoF): 5
  • Payload: 3Kg (no gripper)
  • Max speed (cartesian): Coming soon
  • Collision detection: No
  • ROS 2: Coming soon


  • Horizontal reach: 900mm
  • Vertical reach: 
  • Tubing material: carbon fiber
  • Joint material: machined aluminum


  • Input voltage: 30V (nominal)
  • Max current: Coming soon
  • Wall adapter: 120V - 220V
  • Battery power alternative: 8 cell (8S) 
  • Wiring: external


  • Communication method: CAN Bus
  • Communication protocol: LSS-P (human readable)
  • Motor: NEMA 17 & 24
  • Gearing: Strain wave (aka “Harmonic drive”)
  • Safety: Emergency stop button & software stop
  • Joint angle: 360 (restricted by external cables)

Quickstart Guide / Assembly

Coming Soon



What's Included

  • 30V Power supply
  • Cables (USB, CAT5, Power)
  • Mounting hardware
Smart Servo Pro (LSS-P)
2x LSS-P-L11x LSS-P-S12x LSS-P-M1   
LSS-PRO LiteLSS-PRO StandardLSS-PRO Mega   
Tubing & Hubs
4x HUB-241x CF-70x67-280.51x CF-70x67-305.51x SES-P-A-B-S  
70mm Tube Clamp280.5mm Carbon Fiber Tube305.5mm Carbon Fiber TubePRO Base for LSS-P Standard or Lite  

What’s Needed

  • Gripper (Lynxmotion Pro gripper suggested & Coming Soon)
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