Quadrino FCT

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  • An ultimate solution to load MultiWii on a Quadrino without any coding
  • Guides the user step by step to set up MultiWii without the need of Arduino IDE
  • Automatically sets the sensors and orientations for the selected board
  • Easy to use interface


The Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool) is developed for the Quadrino series of flight controllers. The need for modifying the code to load the Multi-Wii on the Quadrino is eliminated by this advanced software. This high-end software offers a comprehensive solution for setting up the flight controller. The Firmware Configuration Tool also provides a complete knowledge of the various options and parameters available to the user. Once the choice is made by the user, this software allows to directly upload the custom firmware on the Quadrino Nano board. Another added advantage of the Quadrino FCT is that it can be easily installed the MultiWiiConf config GUI and/or WinGUI.


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