01 - 4 DoF Servo Setup

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IMPORTANT : Update LSS Firmware

Before assembling any servos, be sure to update the firmware of each servo individually using the procedure outlined in the LSS-Config - Firmware Update tutorial. It has to be at least v.367. Additional firmware updates will be available, so be sure to check for firmware updates periodically via the LSS-Config software.

Once the firmware has been updated, proceed to the steps below:

Servo ID Assignment
Step 1/2
3x LSS-ST1
LSS Standard
2x LSS-HT1
LSS High Torque
Comments:The LSS Config software can be used to change IDs. The procedure is explained on the LSS Configure IDs page.

Servo Horn Removal
Step 2/2
1x LSS-ST1
LSS Standard
1x LSS-ST1
LSS Standard
Comments:Use a PH2 screwdriver on the horn & idler screws. Only servo ID number 1 and 5 should have the Horns disassembled. Keep the parts aside as some will be used later on.

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