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The Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) - Base Rotation Kit is used for applications which require that an axial load be placed on the servo, as one might find in the case of a robotic arm, pan and tilt system or turntable. Designed around the Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS), this rotating base is direct drive with five points of contact rolling on plastic beads and stainless steel dowels, with no limits on the angle of rotation. The main structure is made of four G10 composite plates and five aluminum standoffs. The four point mounting at the base is compatible with Lynxmotion’s BR-KT base rotation kit, allowing it to be retrofitted on Lynxmotion robots. Lynxmotion smart servo sold separately.


  • Plate Material: G10 composite
  • Standoff height: 40mm
  • 5x roller beads
  • Base mounting pattern compatible with BR-KT base rotation kit
  • Multiple SES compatible patterns.

Assembly Guide

What's included

SES - Mechanics
5x - AHS-196x - PHS-168x - PHS-025x - DP-015x - BB-055x - FHS-01
LSS - Base Rotate (G10) Parts
1x - LSS-BR-T1x - LSS-BR-M11x - LSS-BR-M21x - LSS-BR-B  
Top PlateMiddle Plate 1Middle Plate 2 Bottom Plate  


  • Overall height: 2" / ~50mm
  • Diameter: ~3.35" / 85mm (top plate)
  • Base mounting: 2.95" / ~75mm

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