01 - Arm Mount

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Robotic Arm - Assembly A
Step 1/5
1x AE-20-100
1x AE-90DEG-C
Corner Connector
1x TNUT-M4
M4 T-Nut
1x TNUT-S-M4
M4 Swivel T-Nut
2x PHS-23
M4 x 8mm
Comments:Make sure the corner sit flush to the extrusion and do not fully tight the T-Nut that hold nothing for now.

Robotic Arm - Assembly B
Step 2/5
Arm Plate
4x TNUT-M4
M4 T-Nut
4x PHS-23
M4 x 8mm
1x AE-20-CAP
Plastic Cap

Robotic Arm - Assembly C
Step 3/5
Arm Base
4 DoF / 3 DoF

Robotic Arm - Assembly D
Step 4/5
5x AHS-19
M3 x 40mm Standoff
5x PHS-16
M3 x 10mm

Robotic Arm - Assembly E
Step 5/5
Conveyor HD
Comments:Adjust the position and tighten the screws.

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