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The Lynxmotion SES v2 Conveyor Kit was designed to be an inexpensive way to move products as part of a small educational or hobby assembly system. Combined with one or more of Lynxmotion’s robotic arms, a desktop assembly line can be quickly created and controlled from a single interface. The frame of the conveyor is made of an aluminum extrusion and composite G10 plates. Friction top (rubber pattern) modular track segments help ensure products remain on the conveyor, while the driving and idler sprockets keep the track aligned at all times. The Lynxmotion HT1 servo (included if you purchase the bundle as opposed to the “no motor” kit) is fully configurable in terms of acceleration / deceleration, max speed and more.


  • Sprocket driven and robust friction top track segments
  • Track segments made of polypropylene and rubber shore A (hardness of 45)
  • Track pitch is 1.07'', and width is 3''
  • Actuator mount for Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) or spur gear motor*
  • Aluminum and G10 frame / structure
  • Track speed (unloaded) using HT1 servo: 12 cm/s    4.8 in/s

Quickstart Guide / Assembly



  • Length (overall): 658mm / 26"
  • Length (working range): 596mm / 23.5"
  • Width (overall): 288mm / 11.34"
  • Width ( track): 76mm / 3”
  • Height (overall): 138mm / 5.4"
  • Belt pitch: 27mm / 1.07”

What's Required

The basic kit does not include a motor so you can select your own compatible spur gear motor*, whereas the bundle includes a Lynxmotion High Torque Smart Servo (LSS HT1) motor which allows for relative moves and communication using the same smart servo communication protocol as Lynxmotion’s robotic arms. The LSS-HT1 is included in the Bundle version LSS-CONV-650-HT1 but not in the kit only LSS-CONV-650-KT.

* Mounting pattern for spur gear motor is specific (see Lynxmotion wiki page for details) and requires a 6mm to 6mm shaft coupler (sold separately).

** If used with a Lynxmotion SES V2 robotic arm, the LSS Adapter and LSS 12V power supply included with the arm can be used to power and control the conveyor and therefore do not need to be purchased separately.

SES - Lynxmotion Smart Servos (LSS) - Included in bundle only
1x LSS-HT1     
LSS High-Torque     

What's Included

16x SHS-011x SHS-047x PHS-0216x PHS-238x PHS-274x CPS-02
4-40 x 1/4"4-40 x 1/2"2-56 x 1/4"M4 x 8mmM4 x 5mm10-32 x 1/4"
3x BB-06     
6 x 12 x 4mm     
T-Slot System
1x AE-20-5008x AE-20-10024x TNUT-M48x AE-90DEG-C8x AE-20-CAP 
T-Slot 500mmT-Slot 100mmM4 - T-NutCorner BracketExtrusion Cap 
Track System
49x MTS-TL-0349x MTS-CR-0398x NSRF-014x SPRK-01  
Track LinkConnecting RodRivetSmall Sprocket  
SES - Tubing & Hubs
3x RB-Ava-011x RB-Jac-302x RB-Jac-31   
6mm AdapterSES to Sprocket6mm x 90mm   
1x KNB-014x BRB-02    
6mm KnobAdhesive Bumper    
Conveyor HD Parts
LSS PlateMotor & Idler     
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