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Lynxmotion's mechDOG was created as a collaboration with Mech-Dickel Robotics (YouTube Channel) to create a four-legged (quadruped / quadrapod) robot with similar degrees of freedom to a mammal. ST1 modular servos are used throughout, along with a variety of Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (SES) V2 brackets. The body plates are made of composite G10 and the body side panels are anodized aluminum. The LSS Adapter acts to split battery power to each leg, and can be used with either an Arduino shield-compatible microcontroller or single board computer (SBC) like the Raspberry Pi. The internal compartment can be quickly accessed using thumbscrews at the top. There are mounting points at the top for accessories like YDLidar's 360 degree laser scanner or other SES V2 brackets. The size of the robot and built-in functionality of the smart servos make it ideally suited as an inexpensive development platform onto which a variety of sensors can be mounted and used for autonomous behaviors, navigation and more.

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  • 12x  fully configurable modular smart servo motors
  • Built-in safety features (over current, temperature, voltage) 
  • Modular aluminum brackets
  • Compatible with Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set electronics
  • Easy to understand and human readable LSS communication protocol
  • Mounting for IR and ultrasonic sensors is included.


  • 3 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) per leg: hip; shoulder; knee
  • Body / chassis length: 191.10mm / 11.461"
  • Body / chassis height: 53.80mm / 2.118"
  • Suggested standing height (to top of chassis): ~ 130mm / 5.125"
  • Suggested battery: 11.1V (3S) LiPo capable of at least 5A continuous discharge
  • Mounting plates for: LSS,  SES, Sharp, PING
  • Weight: ~ 1.65kg / 3.64lbs

User Guide



LocationTypeStatic TorqueMax Speed
AllST114Kg-cm360° /s

Note that when operated at lower voltages, torque and speed are reduced.


What's Included

Smart Servos (LSS)ModulesWiringGearing & Horns 
12x LSS-ST11x LSS-ADA4x CC-014x LSS-C-150Y8x LSS-IH 
LSS StandardLSS AdapterCable Clip150mm Y CableIdler Horn 
Brackets (SES)
4x ASB-284x ASB-304x ASB-334x ASB-378x ASB-396x GPAB-01
LSS SingleLSS DoubleLSS GearboxAngle C BracketShort C BracketSide Bracket
252x PHS-022x PHS-0912x PHS-168x PHS-208x TB-S-016x SN-02
2-56 x 1/4"2-56 x 3/8"M3 x 10mmM3 x 8mmM3 Thumb Screw2-56 Nut
Tubing & HubsStandoffsMiscellaneous  
4x HUB-224x AHS-17-BA1x VCS-091x ID-1-50  
   ID Sticker 1 to 50  
HUB-22.PNGAHS-17.pngVCS-09.PNGLSS - IDs Sticker Sheet.PNG  
mechDOG Custom Parts
4x mechDOG-F-014x mechDOG-F-026x mechDOG-F-032x mechDOG-F-042x mechDOG-F-052x mechDOG-F-06
U Shape FrameFrame BraceBlank PlateSES PlateLSS PlatePING Plate
2x mechDOG-F-07mechDOG-F-TmechDOG-F-BmechDOG-J-AmechDOG-J-BmechDOG-J-C
Sharp PlateFrame TopFrame BottomJig part AJig part BJig part C
4x mechDOG-Foot4x mechDOG-Sock    
FootTPU Sock    
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