01 - Servo Setup

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IMPORTANT : Update LSS Firmware

Before assembling any servos, be sure to update the firmware of each servo individually using the procedure outlined in the LSS-Config - Firmware Update tutorial. It has to be at least v.367. Additional firmware updates will be available, so be sure to check for firmware updates periodically via the LSS-Config software.

Once the firmware has been updated, proceed to the steps below by connecting each servo to the computer via the LSS Adapter, opening the LSS Config software, changing the ID, then pressing the UPDATE button. You can confirm the ID has changed successfully by removing power from the servo, then powering it up again.

The kit includes numbered stickers which you can then place on the side of each servo to help remember their ID.

Servo ID Assignment
Step 1/1
12x LSS-ST1
LSS Standard
Comments:The LSS Config software can be used to change IDs. The procedure is explained on the LSS Configure IDs page.

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