04 - 4 DoF Gripper

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IMPORTANT : Gears Update

This guide shows an updated gear system for the gripper, if you happen to have the previous aluminum gears version please follow this guide instead.
4 DoF Gripper - Legacy

Gripper - Assembly A
Step 1/6
1x ASB-39
Short C V2
1x ASB-30
LSS Double wide
Idler Horn
2x PHS-02
2-56 x 1/4"

Gripper - Assembly B
Step 2/6
1x LSS-ST1
LSS Standard
Comments:Remove the idler horn assembly and mount it beside the driving horn.

Gripper - Assembly C
Step 3/6
Assembly A
Assembly B
4x PHS-02
2-56 x 1/4"
1x LSS-C-150
150mm LSS Cable
Comments:Cable is only displayed in this step and will be ignored until final assembly.

Gripper - Assembly D
Step 4/6
Assembly C
2x SES-32T
32T Gear
2x ASB-35
Gripper Main
4x PHS-02
2-56 x 1/4"
Comments:Ensure the two dots are in sync.

Gripper - Assembly E
Step 5/6
Assembly D
4x AHS-20
M3 x 18mm Standoff
4x PHS-16
M3 x 10mm

Gripper - Assembly F
Step 6/6
Assembly E
2x ASB-36
Gripper Secondary
4x ASB-42
Foam Insert
4x PHS-16
M3 x 10mm

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