Track Links Assembly Guide

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Track Assembly Guide.

Updated 10/25/2006.

Safety first! Wear eye protection and never touch a powered robot!

Image of Tracks.
Step 1.
Align two track modules as shown in Figure 1 and insert a nylon rivet fastener. Note, do not attempt to push this in with your thumb. It will hurt.

Figure 1.
Step 2.
Tilt the assembly up and push down to fully engage the rivet fastener.

Figure 2.

Step 3.
Insert a polypropylene rod through the open end as shown.

Figure 3.
Step 4.
Insert a rivet fastener to hold the polypropylene rod in place.

Figure 4.
Step 5.
Continue until the track is the length required. Every link is a master link, but replacement of the nylon fasteners is recommended if they are removed.

Figure 5.

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