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Welcome to the Lynxmotion Wiki! 

We thank you for your purchase and your support for Lynxmotion and its products.
This wiki contains all the information you need to understand, assemble and use Lynxmotion product(s). 


To navigate the wiki, there is a navigation panel on the left side of every page, a search at the top right of the page, and breadcrumbs at the top of each page (below the header). Many pages also include page contents shortcuts (as can be seen at the top of this page) which can be used when providing direct links to specific sections of specific pages, and certain pages like assembly guides include "Previous" and Next" steps. A Navigation section is often included at the bottom of pages as well. Clicking the Lynxmotion logo at the top left of the wiki will bring you back to this page.


We encourage everyone who is passionate about robotics to join the RobotShop community which contains a lot of information, and there are many ways to become active and involved.

  • Forum: Participate in existing conversations or start a new one which can be about general robotics, or specific to Lynxmotion products.
  • Tutorials: Search among the many robotics and electronics tutorials and learn something new today!
  • Robots: Discover thousands of robotics projects which others have created and post your own.
  • Blogs: Read opinions on a variety of topics including news, ethics, insights and opinions.
  • News: Don't miss news in the robotics field! Read the curated selection of the best ad latest articles.

Technical Questions, Support & Feedback

In order to better serve you, technical questions regarding Lynxmotion products should be posted on the RobotShop Community Forum. Questions, comments and feedback are answered by both Lynxmotion technical staff and members. Visit the 24/7 to:

  • Submit questions in a private or public format to obtain technical support for Lynxmotion products.
  • Get help selecting the correct product(s) for your project.
  • Help others with their projects and technical issues.
  • Share your robotic creations, ideas and achievements with the robotics community.

Orders / Returns

All Lynxmotion products can be found and purchased on the RobotShop e-commerce site and from various resellers. Search for specific products using either the Lynxmotion SKU or the RobotShop SKU or browse based on category.

All terms and conditions regarding cancelling an order, payment methods, returns and more can be found here:

It is important to note that robot kits may not be exchanged nor refunded once they are assembled in part or in entirety. Only defective components will be replaced if the need arises within the warranty period. Along these lines, please carefully read the assembly instructions for the robot and ensure that they are understood before commencing construction. If you are uncertain about any part of the assembly, please contact us, especially before applying power. Work carefully on a clean table and take regular breaks in order to maintain your concentration. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for mistakes made by the builder. 

Software which has been activated cannot be returned.

When storing and charging batteries and battery packs, be sure to follow standard safety procedures (for example store and charge lithium batteries in a LiPo safe bag) and use a charger which is appropriate for the battery.


Most Lynxmotion products have a one (1) year warranty from the date they are received by the customer (under normal operating conditions). If you have any questions about the warranty for a specific product, please contact us.


  • DC, DC Gear Motors: One (1) month / 30 day warranty
  • Hitec Servos: Two (2) year manufacturer warranty
  • Batteries: Three (3) month / 90 day warranty*
  • BLDC motors, ESCs: Six (6) Month warranty

* Most batteries are shipped in a charged state to retain their capacity for as long as possible. Letting a battery fall below the minimum voltage required to be fully charged may damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Contact Us

Details on how to contact RobotShop can be found here:

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