2 - Multirotor Erector Set (MES)

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The Lynxmotion Multirotor Erector Set (M.E.S.) is made up of interchangeable modular components, allowing you to create your own multirotor UAV / drone; from quadcopters and hexacopters, to X8 and more. The system is based around nearly indestructible aluminum brackets which incorporates four 2-56 threaded mounting holes on the side. The plates are made from non-conductive, durable G10 composite, and the tubes are ultralight carbon fiber. This combination of parts allows UAVs made with these parts to be:

  • Incredibly rigid (minimal flexing)
  • Versatile (integrated mounting for upgrades)
  • Lightweight (use of composites and Aluminum)
  • Modular (change the frame / use different length tubes)
  • No soldering required

Parts can be purchased individually, and we have created a variety of starter kits based on the modular concept. A variety of center plates and tube lengths are available.

MES - Reconfigurable Modular Frame

The Multirotor Erector Set (MES) - Reconfigurable Frame is an all-in-one frame designed to allow the user to easily experiment with a variety of different multirotor designs, without having to invest in a variety of custom frames.

MES - Power Distribution Board (PDB)

The Multirotor Erector Set (MES) Power Distribution Board (PDB) is a highly versatile system; its two PCB design (separate positive and negative power planes), 4oz copper thickness and two battery inputs, allows it to easily power up to 8 UAV motors with a continuous current capacity of 20 amps each (160A total) and a peak / instantanous current capacity of 35A per motor (280A total).

MES - Folding Propeller Hub

The Lynxmotion MES Folding Propeller system allows you to fold each propeller into a much more compact area. Its center hub made from billet aluminum provides you with a sturdy mounting base which should not warp or break. And in the event of a crash, only only one side of the prop (blade) will likely need to be replaced.

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