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Size matters, and the overall footprint of your multirotor when stored or transported is something to consider. The Lynxmotion MES Folding Propeller system allows you to fold each propeller into a much more compact area. Its center hub made from billet aluminum provides you with a sturdy mounting base which should not warp or break. And in the event of a crash, only only one side of the prop (blade) will likely need to be replaced.

We partnered with HQprop (link brand), a manufacturer of high quality propellers for drones, in order to provide the best blades on the market at an affordable price. The folding system does not lose any performance as compared to the standard non-folding 9” x 4.5 propeller.


Propeller Assembled on a Motor


  • Folds for compact storage & transport
  • Strong hub made from billet aluminum
  • Custom stainless steel hardware
  • Different mounting options (M5 & 12mm)
  • High quality 9” x 4.5 propeller blades by HQProp (link brand)


Different mounting options for different motor types allows for maximum motor compatibility. Two standards were retained for this hub: M5 thread (the most common way to mount on that size prop & motor combination) and 12mm mounting screws.


Threaded Shaft

The hub is threaded M5 to allow most brand output shaft.


Motor Direct

Through holes for M3 screws at a distance of 12mm for a direct to motor mounting.


MES-FP-Dots.pngImportant note: The hub is available in two versions for mounting on right or left threaded motor shafts. There are two dots on the hub with the left handed thread which makes it easier to know which one is the thread you are looking for.


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