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Typical Connections

In order to daisy chain one servo to the next (serial mode only), rollover serial cables are used. Although the wires are straight, one connector must be rotated 180 degrees with respect to the other.

Serial SingleSerial MultiplesRadio Control (RC) 


Wiring Pinout

  Serial ModeRC Mode


Servo Rx: In serial mode, this pin should be connected to a 5V TTL serial pin. In RC mode, the pin should be connected to an 5V RC PWM pin 

Servo RC Signal:Please refer to the LSS - RC PWM for more information regarding the RC mode and signals
SQUARE-Yellow.pngServo Vcc: Refer to the Voltage section of the LSS - Specifications page to understand which voltages are meant to be connected to this pin.Same as Serial Mode
SQUARE-Yellow.pngGround (GND): This pin should be connected to both the communication sources' ground, as well as that of the power source (principle of "common ground").Same as Serial Mode
SQUARE-Yellow.pngServo Tx: In serial mode, this pin sends the output from query commands. In RC mode, the cable does not need to be connected as there is no output. N/A: Futur Implementation


The electronics inside the servo include the following:

  • H-bridge motor controller
  • Microcontroller (Cortex M0)
  • Magnetic position sensor
  • Voltage sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Current sensor
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