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The Lynxmotion Smart Servos (LSS) are new, compact, modular and configurable actuators designed to be an evolution of the standard RC servo for use in multi degree-of-freedom robotics, animatronics, custom RC projects and more. The servo lineup currently includes three “smart servos” which appear physically the same, sharing the same dimensions, mounting points and output spline, but differing in maximum torque and speed. The servos are core modules of the next generation Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (S.E.S.) modular robotic construction system and a wide variety of modular brackets, mechanics and electronics have been designed around them. "Smart" means each servos' parameters are user modifiable and configurable, there is sensor feedback, built-in safety features, and they are although meant to be connected to a microcontroller, can be used as advanced RC actuators. The custom LSS serial communication protocol was built upon the SSC-32 / 32U protocol and makes communicating with, controlling and configuring the servos easy and intuitive.

NOTE: The Lynxmotion Smart Servo motors, as well as the SES modular construction system is NOT open source. As such, RobotShop cannot provide the schematics for the electronics, nor any details relating to the components used internally. Opening the servos without the express permission from RobotShop will void the warranty.


  • Serial, RC PWM and continuous rotation modes
  • Human readable LSS Serial Communication Protocol
  • Button Menu, RGB LED
  • Feedback: voltage, current, position, temperature, operating status and more.
  • Configurable: center position, angular range, direction, speed and much more.
  • All metal gears for high torque and reduced wear
  • Libraries: Arduino, Python, ROS
  • 12V nominal (3S LiPo ideal), 6-12V operation*
  • Standard 24T output spline (compatible with accessories made for Hitec 422, 645MG servos)
  • Many Mounting points, brackets, accessories

* Note that the servo's maximum speed and available torque both decrease with lower input voltage


The easiest way to differentiate between the three models is based on the sticker, located at the rear of the servo. Lynxmotion software automatically determines which model is connected. Detailed product specifications regarding voltage, torque, speed, temperature and more can be found on the LSS - Specifications page. Note that these servos are intended primarily for hobby, educational and semi-professional use. They are not intended for industrial, medical or related applications and are not certified as such.


The servos are meant to be powered from either a battery source or a DC wall adapter. When selecting a power source, ensure it will be able to provide sufficient current to power all of the servos in the project. Please refer to the LSS - Specifications page for information regarding input voltage and current for each servo motor.



Lynxmotion Smart Servo Standard (LSS-ST1)



Lynxmotion Smart Servo High Speed (LSS-HS1)


Lynxmotion Smart Servo High Torque (LSS-HT1)

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