CH3-R "The Wicked One" Mod

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"The Wicked One" CH3-R Mod

Updated 11/08/2006.

This is the first tutorial of a series I have planned for this robot. In this tutorial I will illustrate how I hacked the Playstation receiver to take up less space, and it has the added benefit of adding two red LED "eyes" to the bot.

Wicked One completed.


Step 1.
I first disassembled the robot by removing the top panel and moved the Bot Board off to the side, out of the way. I installed some 1" standoffs (cut down to 7/8") onto the SSC-32.

Figure 1.


Step 2.
Next I mounted the Bot Board onto the SSC-32 using some MF 3/4" standoffs. This will allow me to install all of the electronics inside the robots chassis.

Figure 2.

Step 3.
I disassembled the PS2 receiver and removed the large connector on the left of the board.

Figure 3.


Step 4.
Next I cut the plug off of the PS2C-01 cable, stripped the wires and soldered them onto the receiver module.

Figure 4.


Step 5.
This is an image of the reassembled receiver.

Figure 5.

Step 6.
I then reattached the top panel, connected the Bot Board and SSC-32 to it.

Figure 6.


Step 7.
A little double sided tape to hold the receiver onto the top panel...

Figure 7.


Step 8.
Install the power switch and put in a battery.

Figure 8.

Step 9.
Here is an image of the completed robot.

Figure 9.
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