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Let us feature your cool Lynxmotion based robot project here!

PEP screen 1

PEP screen 2

Phoenix standing

Phoenix compact


Phoenix attack side

Phoenix attack front

Project Name:
Phoenix Hexapod
Kåre Halvorsen (aka Zenta)

Phoenix is a hexapod robot with 3DOF per leg. Hardware consists of SSC32, 18 servos and BlueSMIRF bluetooth interface. Software on PC is Visual Sequencer and a MS Excel spreadsheet I’m calling PEP (Phoenix Excel Program).

PEP take cares of forward and inverse kinematics and body rotation along all axes. It is possible to easy define direction of walking and define center of rotation. Ex. you can define center of rotation at the center of left forward tars (foot).

But the most important thing is that it’s possible to create sequences and walking gaits that you can copy into a .csv file and import it to the Visual Sequencer.

You can download PEP (Phoenix Excel Program) and the manual here:
PEP v2.02 BETA Lynxmotion-Phoenix Compatible Excel Sheet (09-03-08) (zipped)

What's New:

  • Live SSC-32 control (beta)
  • Added forward kinematics control for all legs (new spin buttons, femur and tibia angles)
  • "Swap LF <-> RF" button in the write sequences section. Simply swaps the FK values between the right and left front legs. This is useful if you want to make a sequence of Phoenix waving her front legs.
  • "Lock to Read" button in the write sequences section. Locks the sequence and step nr to the read sequence values. Very useful when you are doing modifications on existing sequences.
  • Setup section. If you want your Phoenix to respond correctly you will need to calibrate both min and max angles for each servo, not just the "1500" center value. PEP calculates the correct PWM value for a given value. The comport and baud rate can also be set here.
PEP v1.09 Excel Sheet (07-11-08) (zipped)
PEP v1.09 Lynxmotion-Phoenix Compatible Excel Sheet (07-11-08) (zipped)
PEP Complete Manual (04-01-08) (pdf)

Here are some pre-made sequences:
Phoenix3 - "Complete project" (05-19-08) (zip)
Phoenix4 - "Phoenix and the Box part II" (05-19-08) (zip)
Phoenix5 - "Body rotation" (05-19-08) (zip)

Check out these videos of Phoenix in action:

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