LSS-5VR Board

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The Lynxmotion LSS 5VR ("Lynxmotion Smart Servo to 5 Volt Regulator") module provides a regulated output of 5V at up to 2A from a 6.5V to 12.6V input via the LSS Bus. The board was conceived to be similar to a "Battery Elimination Circuit", or "BEC", as well as being used to power external 5V devices such as RC servos, sensors and/or USB powered devices. The LSS-5VR can be used with an LSS-2IO to power and control RC servos.

Note that the board does not include any circuitry for detecting or charging devices via USB, and does not meet USB 2.0 / 3.0 or other power switch requirements or standards.


  • Type A USB female connector (5V power output, no data)
  • 2x LSS connectors allow for daisy chaining
  • 2x three row pins (NC / 5V / GND)
  • Buck converter (up to 95% efficient)
  • Vin (6.5V - 12.6V) LED
  • 5V output status LED
  • Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) mounting pattern
  • Same form factor as the LSS - Power Hub and similar modules.


  • Based on the TS30042 buck converter
  • 5V output (5.3V unloaded)
  • Maximum output current: 2 Amps continuous / total


External Pins & Connectors

SQUARE-Red.pngVin: Input voltage supplied by LSS bus (6.5V-12.6V). Refer to LSS Voltage rating in LSS - Specifications. Red LED indicates a voltage input Vin.
SQUARE-Black.pngGround (G): Common ground.
SQUARE-Blue.pngVout: 5V/2A output voltage (5.3V unloaded). Green LED indicates a 5V output Vout.
SQUARE-Yellow.pngLSS Rx
SQUARE-Green.pngLSS Tx

USB: 5V (5.3V unloaded), up to 2A. Power only (no data connection).

Dimensions & Mounting

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