PS2 Versions & Connections

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PS2 Versions & Connections

Lynxmotion has released a variety of different PS2 controllers. This page was created in order to help customers better understand the different models and how to connect them to electronics.

  PS2 V1 PS2 V1.5 PS2 V2 PS2 V3 PS2 V4 
Transmitter PS2 V1 Transmitter PS2 V2 Transmitter PS2 V2 Transmitter PS2 V3 Transmitter PS2 V4 Transmitter
 Notes: Lynxmotion
logo is flat 
Lynxmotion logo has rounded edges Same as V1.5 No Lynxmotoin logo  Lynxmotion logo silkscreened
Receiver PS2 V1 Receiver PS2 V1.5 Receiver PS2 V2 Receiver PS2 V3 Receiver PS2 V4 Receiver
 Notes: One red & one green LED Two red LEDs (level shifter integrated) Two red LEDs (level shifter separate) LEDs are transparent when off One green LED 
Bot Board Bot Board 2 + PS2 V1 N/A  N/A  N/A N/A 
BotBoarduino  N/A  BotBoarduino PS2  BotBoarduino PS2 PS2 V3 BotBoarduino

 Notes:  N/A . Note that Jumpers JPU, A, B and C can all remain in place. Connections are the same as V1.5. Note that jumpers JPU, JA, B, C can all remain in place. JA, JB and JC need to be removed. Used with or without level shifter 
SSC-32 + BBoarduino  N/A  N/A N/A
SSC-32U + BBduino  N/A  N/A  N/A
Level Shifter Not required Required Required Not required  Not required

PS2 Versions

  • Version 1: First PS2 remote control used by Lynxmotion. It can be distinguished by the flat Lynxmotion sticker on the transmitter and the red and green LEDs on the receiver
  • Version 1.5: This new version did not operate the same way as the V1 and a level shifter had to be added. These were provided pre-soldered to the receivers. The transmitters had a slightly different Lynxmotion sticker with rounded edges, and the receivers had two red LEDs.
  • Version 2: These are almost identical to the V1.5s except rather than including hte level shifter pre-soldered to the receiver, the level shifter was soldered to a PS2 receiver connector.
  • Version 3: The old V2 remote and transmitter were discontinued and replaced by the new V3. The V3 does not have a Lynxmotion logo and the receiver is shorter with two clear LEDs.  In order to used the V3, you must remove jumpers JPA, JPB and JPC (leave JPU in place). The V3 does not need a level shifter, though in many cases one can be used without issue.
  • Version 4: The V3 was discontinued, so a V4 was tested and selected. There is a Lynxmotion logo silkscreened on the transmitter. The transmitter requires only 2xAAA batteries.
Level Shifter
The level shifter is needed for certain versions in order to change the voltage so it can be read correctly by the microcontroller.

Multiple PS2s
If you want to use multiple robots with multiple PS2 systems, it is important to note that each version operates at its own frequency. Therefore a PS2 V1 remote will pair with any V1 receiver, a PS2 V2 transmitter will pair with any V2 receiver and so on. Different version transmitters (V1, V2 and V3) cannot be used with different version receivers as they operate at different frequencies.

PS2 + BotBoarduino
If you are looking to lean how to use the PS2 with your Arduino / BotBoarduino microcontroller, Bill Porter's website is your ultimate resource.

PS2 to USB Adapter
FlowBotics Studio and FlowArm PLTW software are compatible with the Lynxmotion PS2 when connected via USB to PS2 connector. 

Note: Not all PS2 to USB cables are PS2 compatible. The current USB to PS2 adapter uses an onboard chip which identifies it as PS2, though it provides two ports (the unit only physically has one port). Should it not be detected, the easiest thing to do is to unplug and re-plug the adapter to the computer. Should that not work, in Windows, navigate to "Set up USB Game Controller", and you should see two controllers. Choose "Advanced" to change to the other controller.

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