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FlowBotics Language Basics
FlowBotics Studio is a software development platform to create apps for your robots. Apps are primarily made using the FlowBotics graphical programming language, but can also include some blocks of Ruby textual code.
The FlowBotics graphical language allows you to make dataflow schematics that contain functional components and links between their outputs and inputs. When an input value changes, the component is automatically executed and produces new ouputs. Changes propagate following the green arrows until everything in the schematic is up to date.
New Project
To get started with using the FlowBotics Studio environment, see the FlowBotics Studio User Guide. It shows you how to manage projects, how to open them in Focus Mode to run the project in a minimalist window, and how to open the projects in the schema editor.
The FlowBotics Studio User Guide* gives much more detail about how to use the schema editor, how the FlowBotics graphical language works, how to make custom UI objects for your project, and other more advanced features of the language. The mini tutorial* (tutorial files) is a great crash course for getting starting with the graphical language.
FlowBotics Component Library

The toolbox of FlowBotics Studio comes preloaded with over 400 different components to help you get started with making your projects. The component reference explains what each one does and how to use it, and any of the modules that you make can also be added to your toolbox for reuse in other projects.

*Note: The application export functionality has changed, so please refer to Creating an App for up-to-date instructions.

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