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The Lynxmotion (LSS) - LED module is intended to add lighting to your servo erector set (SES) v2 project. The module is meant to be connected to the standard mounting of an Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) Motor and can be added to the serial bus. Like the LSS which can be operated over a range of input voltages, this LED module is meant to operate between 6V and 12V. The module can be powered one of  two ways where the onboard switch selects which of the two sources powers the LED:

  • Option 1: Four-pin LSS bus (Tx, GND, 12V, Rx)
  • Option 2: Four-pin, three cell Lithium balance port (3 individual cells = 11.1V)


  • Bright cool white LED
  • On / Off switch (act as an isolator for different power input as well)
  • 2x LSS connectors to power the LED and transfer to the next unit in the LSS Bus.
  • LSS motor mounting


  • Input Voltage: 12V Nominal (6.4V to 18V)
  • Connections:
    • LSS Connector (Molex 99990988)
    • Lithium balance port (JST B4B-XH-A)
  • LED: Everlight 37-21S (~38 lumen white LED)
  • Current: ~100 mA



Positive LSS: Voltage Input from the LSS connectors

SQUARE-Orange.pngPositive Balance: Voltage Input from the balance port
SQUARE-Black.pngGround (0V): All common grounds

LSS Connectors: LED will be OFF

Balance Port: LED will be ON


LSS Connectors: LED will be ON

Balance Port: LED will be OFF

SQUARE-White.pngNot Connected
SQUARE-Yellow.pngServo Rx pin (Rx): In serial mode, this pin should be connected to the Tx pin of a TTL serial device.
SQUARE-Green.pngServo Tx pin (Tx): In serial mode, this pin should be connected to the Rx pin of a TTL serial device. 


LSS Bus12V Battery (balance port)


Dimensions & Mounting

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