LSS Origin Offset

Last modified by Eric Nantel on 2024/07/03 09:39

This tutorial is used to do a Configuration of Origin Offset on a series of LSS all at once and using the LSS-Config software. One can achieve the same result with any serial terminal using the "CO" command.

1. Set the LSS Adapter to "USB" serial communication

2. Connect the USB cable & Power to the LSS Adapter

3. Open the LSS configuration software (download HERE)

4. Set your COM port, Connect & Scan for servos

5. In the servo selection click onĀ  "LSS-ALL (254; ---k)"

6. Locate the "Terminal" text input

7. Type the following command between quotation marks "CO" for Configure Origin offset. Press "ENTER" to send the command

8. If you did it correctly, the terminal should display every scanned servo with a "CO" command

9. To verify if the command have been received by the servo, select one servo only

10. Look at the "Position" value and it should be "0" or very close

Note: Confirm the "Origin Offset" on multiple servos to be safe
Created by Eric Nantel on 2024/07/03 09:39
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